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Measuring Success June 4, 2010

Posted by burnabysouthadmin in General.
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As we approach the end of another school year and prepare for a transition to summer I have had the opportunity to reflect on success.  I have been to my first Senior Awards night where over 600 students and families came to celebrate the great accomplishments of so many of our senior students.  I recently attended the year-end dance festival where students performed wonderfully for the audience.  There was also the “Spring Fling” music concerts where our music students showcased their talents.  At the winter concert it was clear of the talent level but the improvement made in just a few months was remarkable.  Student Government held the annual Rebelfest for another successful year and of course our Athletics’ teams won championships and competed valiantly throughout the school year as well.

Most recently I experienced my first School Leaving Ceremony as a member of Burnaby South.  Talk about accomplishments!  Over 300 participants walked across the stage as part of this year’s celebration.  The ceremony helped me to reflect on how we measure success.  It is such an individual accomplishment that can not and should not be held up in comparison to any other individual.

Whether we are aware or not each member of our community  has had some form of success this year. These are all measurable in their own way and each should find their own ways to acknowledge and celebrate those accomplishments.

As we push ourselves toward the end of June I think the way Coach John Wooden from UCLA summarizes success and his approach to life is worthy of reflection.