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Resolutions January 8, 2011

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The beginning of the new year brings with it a sense of renewal.  Over the holidays we (students and staff) enjoy a break from our regular routines that life in a high school brings.  As many friends and family discussed the traditional resolutions of hitting the gym more, running a certain distance of race, eating healthier, I realized that my sense of a fresh start is different than those outside the realm of school life.

I began to think about why my view on January 1, and the resolutions that come with it, would be different than others.  It wasn’t until I returned to work that I was able to formulate an answer to my question.  As I encountered different staff throughout the morning of the first day back it was exciting to see the happy faces of those who had re-energized over the break.  Walking the halls I could feel the energy building throughout the day as students reunited with friends and teachers.  Finally, sitting in my office reviewing a Term 1 report card with a student and discussing strategies for improvement I realized the answer to my question.

My view of resolutions, of new beginnings, is different because of the world I live and work in.   Yes the traditional calendar year still runs from January through to December, but like many educators, the calendar that my life is connected to runs from September through to August.  In this calendar we experience an entire series of new beginnings.  September is a the start of a new school year.  December brings renewed goals for Term 2 which are reinforced with the traditional January resolutions. March brings a new set of goals for the final push of term 3 and then June brings an entire different set of resolutions as both students and staff make plans for the summer that focus on improving some aspect of their lives for the next September.

As I examine these cycles more closely, I can’t ignore that there is a series of other resolutions brought on by the learning that comes from peoples choices.  This reflection has me excited about the fact that I work in an environment that allows people to reinvent themselves when they are ready to do so.  People do not need to wait until a single date on a calendar to make a significant change in their lives.  The start of the new year is just one date that we can say ‘I am going to do ____ from now on’. In the world of a school, if you wake up Monday and you want to start something new you can and the people around you will support you in your efforts.

With that in mind, I challenge you to ask yourself… what are my  resolutions today?